HELLO my name's Sunny and I'm an illustrator who's obsessed with 1) music and 2) vampires.Give me money and I will make cool shit for you, for example: illustrations for your website, cover art for your record / book / podcast, portraits of your loved ones / original characters / yourself, logos, merch designs, posters, comics, and more.If you like what you see here and want to work together, email me at or get in touch using the links below.STAY WEIRD!


Sunny X Lai grew up in Australia and currently resides in the UK. Her middle name really does start with X, she swears.She is sick of typing in third person now.I like making art that looks cool or funny or both. Recurring themes include birds, bisexuality, and bad language. When not drawing, I'm usually writing self-indulgent vampire fiction or breaking my voice singing along to American trash pop.